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So called because of its strange shape similar to an heel, Apulia is a mix of different landscapes and cultures.
There are hilly areas of Gargano and Sub-Appennine to the huge flat of Tavoliere, the Hill of Murgia and the flat of Valle of Itria and Salento.
Anyway churches, castles, towers, farms, stone buildings, testify the presence of people who lived here: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, who left an important sign after their passage.
Apulia is famous for the beauty of the coasts, the presence of olives groves and vineyards, hilly landscapes, and the typical flavours of its cuisine and foods end above all the importance of its historical, cultural and religious background.

Baroque style in Lecce
Castel del Monte's sight
Trani's Cathedral
Rituals of the Holy week
Locorotondo's view
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