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71013 San Giovanni Rotondo (FG)
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The name of San Giovanni Rotondo is linked to Saint Pio that lived all his religious life in the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie.
Giovanni Paolo II Pope proclaimed him Saint in 2002.
To Saint Pio from Pietrelcina is due the building of the near Hospital Home Relief of Sufferance, one of the most important in Italy.
Other Buildings inspired to Saint Pio are: the monumental Via Crucis, designed by Francesco Messina, the bronze statue realized by Pericle Fazzini situated in a famous square of the town, and the Church of Saint Pio designed by Renzo Piano and enriched by Vangi, Pomodoro and Paladino.

Saint Pio
Saint Pio's Day
Inside the church
S. MAria delle Grazie's Sanctuary
A church sight
Via Crucis by Francesco Messina
Hospital's view
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